Reflecting on Ebelle Unity Forum’s Journey

_Gabriel Akhabue Iruobe, August, 2021_

Our dear Ebelle patriots,
It is extremely resounding the success we have all collectively achieved in a few years following the creation of Ebelle Unity Forum platform as an independent body, which came out of the quest to expand Ebelle’s development discuss and help propel Ebelle Development Union (EDU) to function also on the social media, as a currently leading strategy for social engineering and ideas galvanizing. Even though it had its functionaries outside of constituted EDU body, it however embraced the lofty ideals and pursuits of that formation. Hence, we talked about the same ideas of Ebelle Resuscitation and Renaissance, as the Executives of EDU were also members of EUF. In fact, Prof Simeon Osazuwa, the then Vice Chairman is still very much with us here, who still guides us here when the need arises. Current realities and providence suggest that Ebelle discuss has become more robust and profound, with the expanded inclusions of our very best even at the Diaspora.

We have engaged in a number of projects and successfully driven them through. Donations have been received, ideas have been contributed, institutions have been created and Ebelle is now an envy. But we must not relent. We must watch over what we have. We must do more. Only God can truly reward all our efforts.

In case you are in doubt of what has been achieved, check out the following:

1. The creation of Ebelle Unity Forum platforms. (On Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and World Wide Web)

2. Information Dissemination Enhancement through our Social media platforms. It is now easy for Ebelle people to know what is happening in Ebelle right now. Ebelle people now knows swiftly what is happening elsewhere.

3. The market rehabilitation was first mooted at the platform. This was given life by our brother, Engr Josie Ogedegbe before and when he became chairman of Igueben LG.

4. Ebelle Political Agenda Conference was successfully held (chaired by Hon.Dr Eromosele Idahosa and our Professors as discussants) and it midwifed the emergence of an Ebelle’s son as Chairman.

5. Ebelle Anthem was written in high literary standard and produced in mp3, hard copies, soft copies; and all over the internet.

6. Extra Science and English teachers and Security Guards were/are employed by EUF to serve in the Ebelle Secondary/Commercial School.

7. Our Prince (heir apparel) had been given scholarship for his Masters Degree.

8. Ebelle Website has been recreated after we lost the first one previously created by EDU due to failure of subscription when the tenure expired. .

9. Ebelle Media Watch had been created to guard and protect Ebelle and Ebelle people on the social media.

10. Ebelle Elders Forum metamorphosing from the erstwhile Ebelle Political Agenda forum, had be created to give guidance and shed light to on the grail issues of Ebelle or Esan Customs and Tradition.

11. The New Palace building had been maintained and supervised by our Palace Building Committee.

12. Sponsorship of the corrective bone surgery of one Harriet Aihebhoria of Ologhe Ebelle.
13. Upon the consideration of the current security challenges EUF is also currently sponsoring the Security Outfit.

More are still coming.

About Gabriel Iruobe

I have a background in Sociology from the University of Ibadan. Although, an industrial sociologist, my interest in rural societies have grown over the years. The sociological insight gained in my school days have had me define development in a fashion slightly different from an orthodox orientation. Studying or researching on rural life is quite easy for me since I spent my early life in a rural setting, viewing all the attractions often overlooked by the urban elites. If the rule of sustainable development is to be followed, no aspect of the world's cultural heritage is to be ignore or neglected. This is my obsession.

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