Rural life Images



Gabriel Akhabue Iruobe


This is a collection of images that is common in the rural areas, especially of the Esan cultural heritage. Sometimes, it is not about “a culture” but about “a survival strategy”.

Most viewers may find them strange. Others would see it as entertaining. While others may consider it a historical artifact that adumbrates the past.

The modern world and modern people need to understand where they are coming from. Those in the diaspora will find it useful in the pursuit of development that reaches the grassroots.

Men hustle in the wild to put food on the table. They are also equipped for the jungle


Forest lands prepared for farm often yield very highly even without the use of fertilizers. The women share of the cassava industry is more than that of the men who favour more of yam farms. In the photo a woman is seen with a large root of cassava.


The agrarian division of labour in the African world.

The kola nut is perhaps the most valuable natural products utilized in ceremonies. The palmwine is also a delicacy. However, almost all cooking is done with firewood. The amount of smoke and carbon going into meals are often unquantifiable. Yet the rural people enjoy the meals unhygienicly prepared.




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