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Insp. Jonathan Osarobo Oviawe

The first son of the late Pa Chief Nathaniel Ebailubhue Oviawe.


A professional and a retired Nigeria Police officer. An Ologhe-born, from the Oviawe Family in Ologhe. He attended St.Matthew Anglican school. Eguare-Ebelle. After his education. He went to the city and was enlisted into the Nigeria Police Force.


He was known as the “peoples’ man”, coined from his show of love to anything Family and Ebelle-related. A man who would find such related people to their homes, even those in obscurity. A man whose love for his community encouraged and assisted members of his community to be enlisted into the  Nigeria Police Force.


His enlistment into the force was a further drive to protect and defend many. A clear demonstration of an innate virtue.


He would fight to defend and protect anyone from oppression, especially in the days of his youth till the day the cold hands of death visited. This fight to protect his people, earned him the name “FREEDOM” as he was popularly called, not just among his peer but also among his people. Other names include “Haisellasia”, Jomo Kenyatta”, Jagua Nana” etc.


A member of the Ologhe Development Benin branch, his voice on the floor of the association was all about visitation to members to know their welfare. His  staunch personal ideology was “All To Be Alright” meaning that “The joy of one is the joy of All”….


He was a friend to All and enemy of none. It was for his love for the community that he retired home to contribute to the development of his community. An Active and a key member of the People’s Democratic Party of Ologhe-Ebelle.


He will forever be remembered among those in consanguinity with him and the Ebelle at large.



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