— His Royal Highness, Zaiki Imhanduogiemu (or Imadejemu) took over from his father HRH Zaiki Igbinigie. .

—Under the reign of Madojemu, as was gathered, the kingdom was very cohesive and made significant progress. He maintained the primal place of the famous Ebelle market, the operational Maternity Centre,  Postal Agency, Court, Water reservoirs that provided pipe-borne water to the Ebelle residents, flourishing primary schools, and the installation of the Community Secondary School and the Police Station before his demise. Although he was not too literate, he was able to work with his lieutenants or  the literate in society that advised him on current trends in traditional administration. Persons like the late Chief John Omigie, Chief (SAN) Christopher Ihensekhien, Chief Samson Igbinijie, Chief Paul Odia and other enlightened individuals, were always on hand to assist in external relations of Ebelle Kingdom at an epoch and in internal people’s management. Others that were there as sons of the soil where Late Commissioner of Police (CP) Otabor of Okpujie, Late Maj Stephen Iruobe (rtd) of Ologhe, who were rolemodels to many and whose influence provided opportunity for some Ebelle sons to be recruited into the forces as part of empowerment of the Ebelle youths. Others that have also made some mark are Rt. Rev. (Brig) R. A. Uhumuavbi (rtd) whose influence in the Nigerian Military and religious world placed Ebelle on a high social pedestal. The resilience of persons like Maj Festus Oviawe (rtd) an Assistant Director of Music in the Nigerian Army and the the son of  Chief Nathaniel Oviawe, who made a mark in the military through his Classical musical prowls as well as the doggedness in the efforts towards Ebelle people’s regrouping in the cities, also comes to mind. Today Ebelle sons and daughters have risen to positions of influence and affluence with some able to affect the lives of the youths and others still very adamant to changes in the epochal clock. Some of the persons whose praises are in the lips of most Ebelleans are Hon. Dr. Eromonsele Idahosa,  Commissionser of Police (CP) Sir Albert Ebhuoma (rtd), Dr. Alex Izunyon (SAN, OON), Mr. Francis.Osayi. Akhimien (JP), Engr. J. I. Osakue, Rev. Sir Omozogie (JP), a.k.a ‘Omon Stores’, Prof. Simeon Osazuwa , Fredrick Oreye, Chief Alex Adoghe, David Ejiade, Chief Eddy Eriamiator, Chief Engr Agwinede, Chief M.O. Iria (JP) Chief Joshua Eriamienatoe Iriogbe, Hon. Bar. Kenneth O. Ihensekhien, David Omigie, Iyere Augustine Ogbewi, Bar. Oreye Udo Livingstone, Mr Matthew Atoe, Ifada Ehoida, Robert Eboigbe, Francis Dickson Oreye , Hon. M.C.I Ebhonu, etc.


—Apart from his stamina of respect for others and his principle of live and let live, in his later years as a king, he looked quite frail, yet he remained very strong,  vibrant  and positive in thought. As a man of few words,  his brother, Samson Igbinigie who was more vocal and energetic was often on hand to assist him in literary matters with strangers and government officials.

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  1. Maxwell Osazemhen (Monday Ogun).

    Thanks for your efforts, God bless you all. However the name of Dr Idahosa Eromosele is missing. I believe he also contributed a lot development and helped in the area of youth empowerment.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. A big Thanks to the Almighty God, & Kudos to these great Authors of our time .
    History will never for Us IJN AMEN ISEEE.

  3. A big Thanks to the Almighty God, & Kudos to these great Authors of our Time.
    History will never forget us IJN AMEN ISEEE.

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