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Prince Samson Igbinigie

—He had some education and could read and write. This gave him some edge over the numerous illitrate and semi-literate Traditional Ebelle.

—He was so relevant to his brother, King Imadojemu that he was often accused of usurping the powers of the king.

—So people felt that to appease the king, one must first and foremost appease Prince Samson Igbinigie as his influence on his brother was overwhelming.

—He helped his brother, the king to draft letters and to visit the governor and Oba of Benin.

—There is no quorum at the palace when Samson is absent. Also, he spoke for his brother, King Imadojemu on many occasions.

—He as also the best assistant his brother ever had and was available to give the needed advise that was critical to the political interest of Ebelle at the time.

—He was strategic in planning and could not be intimidated by anyone.

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